by Olya

1) Catering.

Catering for individuals, small groups and parties. I will build the menu around your preferences, nutrition needs, life style and budget. Raw vegan, vegan and vegetarian. Fun, creative and delicious.

So you are planning a party, at home or the office. You need something different: trendy, special, delicious, healthy, and to be a conversation piece. Why be like everyone else when you can stand out and be different. Better yet, to have something super delicious and extremely healthy. Our Raw Vegan is the answer…look at the pictures, and you will instantly know.

You are health-conscious individual who wants to have healthy, nutritious meals but doesn’t have time to cook or doesn’t know how? You want all your meals to be made specially for you, catering to your taste and mood? Or you just want to complement your diet with healthy lunches that will give you strength to deal with stress of your busy lifestyle? Or maybe you want to make your weekends all about you and your health, and have food choices that complement your fitness activities?

2) Workshops.

Teaching how to prepare raw vegan cuisine. Tips and tricks. Informative, useful and practical.

Imagine all you have is nuts, fruits, and vegetables. How do you go from there to mouth-watering, delicious looking dishes? Sounds impossible? It’s not…look at the pictures and you will know. I will take you step by step, teach you the tips and secrets and unique techniques I have learned through the years. You will be amazed, and you will be hooked.

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