by Olya

Somewhere in our Milky Way Galaxy, about four and half billion years ago, dust and gas from a stupendous supernova explosion started to cool and condense. A new star was born, our Sun. And shortly after, our planet Earth. Every atom and molecule in our bodies came from that explosion.

Our bodies are incredible machines, perfected over billions of years of improvement, so that today they function with incredible accuracy. Tthis machine uses the atoms and molecules from the planet to continue to keep itself renewed all the time.

With the right atoms and molecules, those machines can perform miraculously well, and for a long time.

Hence VitalRaw …the provision of the right atoms and the right molecules so that our incredible micro-machines inside our body cells can function using the right raw material. They will last longer, and function better.

At the macro level, the result is more youthfulness, more energy, greater health, and glowing faces. No person I know tried live raw food and does not feel a significant difference in their health and vitality.

And the best thing about it: it looks great and will surely tickle your taste buds!

This wonderful, modern way of eating is the wave of the future. I think human societies of the future will look back in distaste at their “savage” ancestors who used to kill animals to eat as their main diet. I believe that as humanity conquers space and moves on to live among other stars, nutrition will be based on live, raw food. At least they know for sure they will be super healthy out there.

Vital Raw is about preparing great looking dishes, sometimes simple, sometimes gourmet, with an unprecedented good taste and high nutritional value, using only vegan ingredients: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables.

You will also find my reflections on different array of subjects. Since I have a wide range of interest (from astronomy to genetics), I might find inspiration in least expected places and bring it to my gastronomical creations.

But mostly, you will see recipes and great pictures. Here you will finally discover a new, modern way of nutrition that will literally transform your body and the way you feel to great heights of good health that you never imagined possible.

Here is vitality. Good health. Energy. Weight loss. Glowing faces. Here is live, raw food: Vital Raw!

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