Chia is a seed native to Mexico and Guatemala. There is historical evidence that it has been cultivated way back by Aztecs, and it was as important as corn (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salvia_hispanica).

Chia learned its reputation due to the fact that it is nutrition dense food and as such it belongs to the family of super foods. According to askmen.com chia has 2 times more protein than any other seed or grain, 5 times the calcium of milk, potassium, antioxidants, iron and significant amounts of omega-3 and omega-6.

I have been eating chia pudding for breakfast for years now. It is an easy and light breakfast: perfect start of a day. I will share here a simple and nutritious recipe of my usual breakfast of chia, almond milk, almond butter (or any other nut or see butter), goji berries, fresh fruit of your choice and some spices, cinnamon for instance.  You can use frozen berries as well: just mix them with chia and almond milk 10-15 min beforehand to let them thaw. After adding milk to the chia, stir the seed few times, it will soak the milk in and expand in volume. If you want to get fancy you can make your own almond milk (ask me how).  Depending on how thick you want your porridge be, adjust the amount of milk.

Chia seeds, half a cup

Almond milk, a cup

Almond butter, 2 Tbs

Frozen berries, 1 Tbs

Goji berries, 1 Tbs

Banana, peeled and chopped

Ground cinnamon







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