Farmers Market

by Olya



I moved to San Francisco almost a year ago. I feel lucky to live in California where fresh, local, organic and seasonal produce is in abundance.

One of the habits I developed since I moved here is to visit regularly farmers market in the vicinity. There is a couple: one is in Ferry Building and the other one is at Fort Mason. I grew to like the one at Fort Mason more: it feels more authentic, prices are better and it is more spacious.

According to Wikipedia the first farmers market in California was held in Los Angeles in 1934. Nowadays, farmers market at Third and Fairfax is a landmark, tourist attraction, and it is open 7 days a week.  It offers fresh produce and variety of local ethnic foods.

“California remains the US leader in farmers markets with its 729 locations”, writes Huff Post San Francisco. There are almost 3, 000 organic farms in California while there are 900 in New York state according to USDA Organic Agriculture 2012 report. Obviously, we are spoiled here.

I love the routine of going to farmers markets every Sunday, seeing beautiful fresh produce, getting a little taste of fruits, olives, honey offered by farmers, getting to talk to growers and discovering their stories. There is nothing better than to sink your teeth into succulent, freshly picked peach, apricot or prune.  I hope my photography gives you an idea of the experience!





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  1. Marcy Says:

    what a wonderful place to be!

  2. Olya Says:

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