Inspired by “Entertaining in the Raw” by Matthew Kenney


Portobello mushrooms, chopped, 4 cups

Black olives, chopped, ¼ cup

Olive oil, 3 Tsp

Sun-dried tomatoes, soaked (2 hours), drained and chopped, 2 Tsp

Raisins, soaked, ¼ cup

Green bell pepper, chopped, ¼ cup

Sea salt

Black pepper

Curried Parsnip “Rice”

Parsnip, chopped, 4 cups

Cashews, soaked, drained, 1 cup

Carrot juice, 6 Tsp

Raw agave, 1 Tsp

Lime juice, fresh, 1 Tsp

Turmeric, ½ tsp

Sea salt

Macadamia “Sour Cream”

Macadamia nuts, soaked (2 hours), drained, 1 cup

Water, ½ cup

Probiotics, 1 tsp OR

Olive oil, ¼ cup

Lemon juice, fresh, 5 tsp

Seasalt, ¾ tsp


Marinate mushrooms and green peppers in olive oil and salt for 1 hour. Dehydrate for 1 hour, until soften. Combine the remaining ingredients.

Curried “rice”

Pulse parsnip in a food processor until rice-like consistency is achieved. Blend remaining ingredients in Vita-Mix until very smooth. Mix with parsnip.

“Sour cream”

For fermented version of the sour cream blend nuts, water and probiotics until smooth. Poor in a bowl, cover with a plate, wrap in a towel and put in a warm place to ferment. You can use a dehydrator at the lowest temperature to do the job. Leave overnight. You should have slightly sour fermented smell from your nuts when uncovered.

For the quick version, blend all ingredients, except probiotics, in Vita-Mix until smooth. Skip fermentation process.


Fill a ring mold with ¼ cup of “rice” and press. Put ¼ cup of picadillo on top and gently press. Carefully remove the ring mold. Drizzle with “sour cream”.

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