My Love Letter to Quiche

My Dear Quiche:

I was happy and excited from the moment I met you.  There is something so heartwarming and appealing about you.  You are so elegant, yet simple.  Versatility is one of your outstanding qualities

I want you to know that I truly fell in love with you from the first sight.

I heard some Wiki people talk about you.  They say you are a pastry crust, baked in an oven with custard.  The custard can be made of eggs and milk, cream, chopped meat, vegetables, or cheese.  Sometimes they bake you a bit before adding the custard, and then they bake you again. Once you are out of the oven, I have seen people put you on a small plate, then surround you with tomato slices or pastry cut-offs.

But regardless of what anyone says, Wiki people or others, for me, you are more than just the collection of the ingredients.  Your whole is so much more grand and wonderful than the parts.  You are an inspiration.

I love to eat you any time. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You are my favorite any time of day.

You may sit on a bed of greens and be eaten in sophistication with silver, or you may be held in hand and eaten on the go.

You taste delicious warm or cold.
And I love dressing you up.  You inspire me to come up with great ideas, and sometimes I can’t even resist how great you look with my specially invented crusts and fillings.

Sometimes you are so cute and petite, and sometimes when I am really hungry for you, you are so kind to allow me to make you big enough to fill a full plate.

You find admirers with all tastes and all over the world.
I never heard anyone bored with you.

And when I smell you, and sink my teeth into you for the first bite, I am in heaven!

My dear Quiche, thank you for being my favorite…and then you for being so delicious and good to my body!

I love you so dearly, my Quiche!


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