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  Media claim that there are many people out there that have gluten intolerance: from as serious as celiac disease to something mild and often undiagnosed as gluten sensitivity. While the jury is still out on whether most people have allergic reaction to gluten in grains, I still want to enjoy one of my favorite […]


    Chia is a seed native to Mexico and Guatemala. There is historical evidence that it has been cultivated way back by Aztecs, and it was as important as corn ( Chia learned its reputation due to the fact that it is nutrition dense food and as such it belongs to the family of […]


Herb Part: 1 bunch of parsley 1 bunch of coriander 6 scallions 6 middle size leaves of Romaine Lettuce 1 cup of pomegranate seeds ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil Lemon juice, salt, black pepper to taste Creamy Part: 1 small zucchini ½ cup of soaked cashews (at least for 2 hours) 1 ts […]

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